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Dan Messinger has been transforming “crap” into the “holy” in every corner of his life for almost twenty-five years. Dan doesn’t just seek truth, he attempts to integrate universal spiritual principles into his every interaction and circumstance. His hunger for meaning led him to pursue his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Religion at Vassar and University of California at Santa Barbara respectively.

Holy Crap: Spirituality within the Muck of Everyday Life makes spirituality accessible to readers of all walks of life by demonstrating how to embody deep spiritual concepts in everyday life. Dan’s personal stories in Holy Crap make readers laugh, cry, and seek their own self-knowledge as Dan shows readers how he attempts to balance both his human nature and his longing for the divine.

Holy Crap’s soundtrack – Wide Awake – is the musical expression of Dan Messinger’s yearning for enlightenment. Born out of his primal desire for the meaning of life, Dan’s poetic lyrics mirror the thoughts of the everyday spiritual seeker. His positive spiritual messages, uplifting melodies, classic rock style, and soulful saxophone solos alter listeners’ moods and emotions. Wide Awake’s songs transform Holy Crapinto a three-dimensional multimedia experience. The opposite of the cool and polished American Idol singer with perfect pitch and perfect hair, Dan pours out his heart and soul into his vocals in the rock-n-roll tradition of Bruce Springsteen and Jerry Garcia; with intelligent lyrics full of meaning like Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens. Dan’s Meditations & Visualizations from Holy Crap further transports listeners to deeper levels of peace and self-understanding.

Dan doesn’t shy away from admitting how often he struggles with the crap of life. Even though he’s an award-winning vice president of training and organizational development, he makes the same mistakes we all do. “That’s where the learning is!” he says. And the humor.

But what Dan is most proud of isn’t his professional accolades, nor his songs or writings. It is when his ten year-old son awkwardly – and so tenderly – turned to look his father in the eye and shared, “You really understand my life. You really get me. That’s why I love you so much.”

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