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Wide Awake: Songs from Holy Crap

Dan Messinger

Track Listing
1. It’s Alright Little Bear | Lyrics
2. Everything is Coming Our Way | Lyrics
3. Everybody Needs to Feel Their Bottom | Lyrics
4. I’m Free | Lyrics
5. The Song | Lyrics
6. If I Can’t Have You | Lyrics
7. Can You Feel It? | Lyrics
8. I’m Alive | Lyrics
9. Love Pulls Us Through | Lyrics
10. So Far Away | Lyrics

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Short Album Description:

Classic Rock feel with uplifting melodies, positive spiritual lyrics, and soulful saxophone.

Dan takes your soul by the hand, and leads you on a musical journey of spiritual transformation.

Sounds Like:
George Harrison, Cat Stevens, U2

Album Liner Notes:
Wide Awake is the musical expression of Dan Messinger’s yearning for enlightenment.  Born out of a primal desire for the meaning of life, Dan’s poetic lyrics mirror the thoughts of the everyday spiritual seeker.  His positive spiritual messages, uplifting melodies, classic rock feel, and soulful saxophone solos transforms listeners’ moods and emotions.

In the spiritual rock tradition of George Harrison, Cat Stevens, and U2, Dan takes your soul by the hand, and leads you on a musical journey of spiritual transformation.

Enjoy Wide Awake as a stand-alone CD or as a companion soundtrack to Dan Messinger’s multimedia spiritual book Holy Crap: Spirituality Within the Muck of Everyday Life.  As you take a step deeper into your consciousness through the pages of Holy Crap, your journey is electrified with Dan’s soaring melodies and the passionate cries of his saxophone.

Description for Holy Crap:
Spirituality Within the Muck of Everyday Life | Holy Crap makes spirituality accessible.

And possible in everyday life! Dan Messinger – corporate professional, dad, husband, musician, and spiritual seeker – turns life into life lessons. Not the kind you had to sit through in high school. These are everyday lessons that grab you by the collar and say, “Hey! This is your life talking! Listen up!” And do you?

Dan doesn’t shy away from admitting how often he struggles with the crap of life. Even though he’s an award-winning VP of training and organizational development, he makes the same mistakes we all do. He forgets to listen, gets yelled at, and does some yelling of his own. Sound familiar? That’s where the learning is! he says. And the humor. Because even in the midst of our everyday crap, there are opportunities – small and large – to do better, get better, and be better.

With Dan, there’s always a laugh, some wisdom, and some great original music in the background. Dan’s a music guy, and just as he has a soundtrack for his life, he has a soundtrack for his book – one that will take your experience to another level.

Plug In. Work It. Meditate. Talk.

Read Holy Crap and click on the many links to music and guided audio meditations. Read a chapter and jump to Dan’s online spiritual community to answer questions and read others’ practical wisdom. Have a story? Tell it. Share your version of how you injected spirituality into the crap at your office or home. You’re not alone.

Holy Crap – More Than a Book.  A Multi-Media Spiritual Experience.

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