The Song Lyrics



Through my mind, I slide and flow

In my dreams, in my dreams

And I ride my stream of consciousness

To the Sea, to the Sea


I hope the road’s not long

Already far I’ve come

To realize the Song

That beats inside of us all


So through my life, my story flows

I sing my song, I sing my song

Hope that I am in harmony

With the Song of all that be


So through the maya I roam

To find the place that is my home

The music’s swimming in my head

I’m free, I see the light up ahead


I look inside the doors of me

My wild imagination’s free

I want to touch the light I see

It’s just a breath away


I know the Song, I know the Song

And I’ve known it all along

The Song that burns inside us all

I am the Song, I am the Song

We are the Song, We are the Song

We are the Song, We are the Song….



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