What Spiritual Principles ("Love Everyone as Yourself," etc.) do You Want to Remember During Your Day?


Life is chock full of opportunities to “be spiritual”. Spirituality is not about escaping the difficulties of life. It is remembering the Big Picture within the everyday muck. It is developing our spiritual muscle through adversity, pain, and injustice. Spirituality is recognizing and actualizing the holy within the crap of life.

This is the spiritual challenge of today: To find true inner peace and stillness in the middle of chaos. To find the holy within the crap. A noble and gargantuan task indeed.

(Click here to listen to “So Far Away,” about how distant fulfillment and inner peace can sometimes feel)

Take the spiritual challenge a notch further: To welcome all obstacles and stressful events as spiritual opportunities to bring us closer to the Source and our Deepest Self.

How do we attempt that? By recognizing and actualizing the holy within the muck of life. How do we play Rumpelstiltskin and alchemize crap into the holy? By integrating spiritual principles into every aspect of our lives.

Spiritual principles (“Love everyone as yourself,” etc.) are handholds to climb up the mountain to enlightenment. They are no mere slogans or warm-fuzzy concepts. They are psychological in nature and powerfully affect our consciousness in very specific ways to help us achieve self-realization.

However, spiritual principles only work if we put them into action. If we just read them and think they’re interesting — but don’t live them, integrate them, and embody them — they don’t help us. We actually have to do something with them. It’s like going to a four-star restaurant, ordering an assortment of gourmet meals, and just looking at the dishes. We have to sink our teeth into them if we want to experience their delights.

Spiritual principles are the keys to unlocking doors of consciousness and perspective. But we not only have to turn the keys, we have to walk through the doors. Growing up in the psychoanalytical ‘70s, I believed that simply understanding something intellectually frees us. However, understanding just leads us to the starting gate. Only by putting our comprehension into action will we grow.

We can actualize the power of spiritual principles in every area of our lives to achieve our divine goals.


What Spiritual Principles (“Love Everyone as Yourself”; etc.) do You Want to Remember During Your Day?

A few possibilities include Oneness, Source, Tao, Cosmos, Goddess, Allah, Divine Mother, Love, Universe, or Is-ness

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Dan Messinger is the author of Holy Crap, a multimedia collection of spiritual tools that help you create meaning from everyday hassles.
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4 Responses to What Spiritual Principles ("Love Everyone as Yourself," etc.) do You Want to Remember During Your Day?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The spiritual principle I want to remember during the day is that I am a vehicle of the continual process of creation (we all are). To the extent that I remember this, I have choice and FREEDOM. Thank you, Dan, for offering such a wonderful and honest program for using the challenges of everyday life as grist for the spiritual mill. THANK YOU!!! I love this so much. By the way, I dig your track "Everybody Needs to Feel Their Bottom". Rock on.

  2. barbara Benson says:

    Try to stay in the now. Very difficult for me.

  3. Aub says:

    To stay connected to fundamental goodness/stillness within me – by feeling the good feeling in me, especially in my solar plexus, but it pervades all about after a while of focussing on the solar plexus.

    By connecting to the feeling of goodness/the source of goodness as it appears in me I’m connected to ‘the now’.

    This connection to the good/the now naturally fills me subtly with a sense of stillness/peacefulness and joy.

    This I don’t always do and can go for months without remembering this simple practice. Yet it’s always there wherever I am whatever I’m doing – it, being stillness, joy, goodness, all to be found only in the now.

  4. Chris says:

    Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. I often worry so much about avoiding mistakes and “crap” that I forget to be present in the experience.

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