Have You Ever Had an Experience of God/Oneness? How Did it Affect You?


Even though we’re all part of God, we want to be careful not to identify our egos with God. That will completely trip us up. God is beyond the ego.

Saints remind us that no wave can call itself the Ocean, because the Ocean can exist without the wave, but the wave cannot exist without the ocean.

However, we can slip beneath our egos and feel a sense of Unity.


At one point in a deep meditation, I felt that God was everything — me, nature, all beings.

I was able to feel into the consciousness of others — like I was behind their faces, or their faces were “on top of” my consciousness.

I found myself wondering, “Is my consciousness and the consciousness behind another’s face the same consciousness?

Is that consciousness “me”? Is it God?

Do we all have the same consciousness, yet we identify with it and feel possessive of it?”

The thirteenth-century Christian mystic Meister Eckhart explains:

The eye wherein I see God is the same wherein God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one vision, one knowing, one love.


Have You Ever Had an Experience of God/Oneness? How Did it Affect You?

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