What are Your Barriers to Trusting in Life or God More?

  • What can you do about them?

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Dan Messinger is the author of Holy Crap, a multimedia collection of spiritual tools that help you create meaning from everyday hassles.
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One Response to What are Your Barriers to Trusting in Life or God More?

  1. As life goes and we start to see a lot of crap around the planet we start to doubt some stuff. But it’s very important that we don’t lose our faith and hope and keep fighting or sharing the good word. I think Dan is doing a great job by sharing his words, thoughts and spiritual experiences and trying to bring some positive energy inside us.

    I also know it’s hard to see life on the positive side sometimes but the Superior Power exists and even though it’s hard to explain it with words some folks feel this power/energy. These people know that we are not alone and there is a savior or a father out there that’s protecting us or guiding us through the Complex School of Life.

    Summarizing, my barrier for trusting in Life and GOD more than I normally do comes from the crap that I see around everyday. I do try to focus on the positive side of things but my friend sometimes it’s kind of hard, but where there is a Will there is a Way. 😉

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