Name a Time in Your Life When Everything "Miraculously" Worked Out for the Best


More than twenty years ago, my friend and I were hiking in the Negev desert in Israel in the middle of the summer. We were walking for a couple of hours when we realized that we were completely lost — in the middle of a huge desert! We were following trail markers until they disappeared. There was absolutely no one else around (who else hikes a desert in the middle of the summer?), and we were running out of water.

My friend started to worry (as she should have) but I was so filled with the joy of Life that I just trusted that it would be OK.

All of a sudden — out of nowhere — an Israeli army jeep (equipped with multiple machine guns in the back) drove up to us. One of the three huge soldiers cocked his head and exclaimed with a smile, “What are you, crazy?! What are you doing out here? Do you have water? Do you know where you are going?” We gratefully accepted some water and new directions and headed on our way.

After another hour or two, we were lost — again! The sun was scorching. We were baking like a couple of American potatoes. We were again dangerously close to being out of water.

I just knew, however, that we would be OK. Though we hadn’t seen another soul since the army jeep parted, I just trusted that we would be OK.

For a second time, out of nowhere, the Israeli army jeep drove up to us. The men in the jeep shook their heads with a mixture of bewilderment and pity and told us to hop onto the vehicle. They gave us more water as we tore through the desert, peering through guns and batteries, As we reached the entrance, my friend and I laughed with exhilaration, gratitude, and exhaustion.


Name a Time in Your Life When Everything “Miraculously” Worked Out for the Best

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