What is Your Greatest Spiritual Goal?

Oneness with God?  Heaven?  To be “saved?”  To live in absolute integrity?  To be able to fully embody love?  To live like Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed?


My goal is to spiritually grow until I attain what the saints and mystics have called a state of oneness or enlightenment.

What is your spiritual goal?

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Dan Messinger is the author of Holy Crap, a multimedia collection of spiritual tools that help you create meaning from everyday hassles.
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2 Responses to What is Your Greatest Spiritual Goal?

  1. Johanna says:

    The greatest spiritual goal a human being should have is getting back to Godhead, back to the spiritual planets, where we originally fell down from. But what is the road map to get back home to the spiritual planets? How, where, when?

    The easiest way to insure that we can get a ticket to get back home in this lifetime, is to do devotional service to the Lord every single day until we draw our last breath and ask Him to forgive and come get us on our deathbed.

    But, but, but, this is not logical you may say. How do I even start and by the way, – what is “devotional service” anyways………..

    Before we rebelled and were forced to “fall down’ into the hellish planets, (of which Earth is one)we served God in splendor, bliss and unconditional love day in and day out in our true home – the spiritual planets. We couldn’t wait to serve Him and His Associates when we got up in the morning, in the spiritual planets. We had all wealth, and opulence and food and exquisite shelter while we were at home with Him.

    Somehow, someway, we started to question why we ourselves couldn’t taste what it felt like to be a “lord” of all that could be worshipped. We felt slighted to just have to spend all our time worshipping and adoring the Lord. We wanted to “lord it over others” on our own and have servants and our own money and our own families and do it by ourselves.We started to think of getting “out of here” and seeing other worlds.

    As soon as we started to think in this way, our Sweet lord, granted our desire and we were sent downward head first to land in a womb for 9 hellish months in darkness and getting acids burning our baby flesh and getting who knows what kind of parents.

    Now that you have an idea of how we came to this planet with our original sin firmly in place, we can start to talk about how to reverse this mess we find ourselves in and get back home to the loving waiting arms of the Lord. Original sin is just this – it was our sin of wanting to separate from the Lord and be our own Lord and master of our little lives.

    Thank you

  2. Chris says:

    To fully appreciate life’s blessings, to encourage others to do the same, to believe more fully in the power of dreams and to work harder to make them a reality.

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